Founded by Philippe, Bleu Griffin is based in Los Angeles, California.

Born and raised in Paris, France, Philippe has enjoyed careers in journalism, fashion, photography, modeling, and design for decades. After working in many countries across the world, Philippe came to California in search of that diversity and creativity. So calling the vibrant city of Los Angeles his home was the perfect decision. Philippe embodies the duality of classic and edgy styles, which his hand crafted accessories exemplify. His creations are the embodiment of sophistication and the power of subtle story-telling.



Our materials hail from Bali, France, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kashmir Province, and the United States. Because superior quality and unicity are our motto, our products are hand-made to the highest standard. For example, our bead bracelets are custom drilled at 2mm, making our stretchable bands twice stronger than other brands. From there they are hand-assembled by Angeleno artisans in their home city. We also work in limited production numbers, guaranteeing that our products now and in the future will be more valuable to you. Bleu Griffin prides itself on giving you exclusive fashion accessories, Made in Los Angeles.